What We Do

We take a simple but comprehensive approach to working with you to build a plan for life. Firstly, it’s important that we get to know what you want to achieve. We also need to get to know you and what you have been up to until now. So when we meet, our focus will be on you, chatting about you, your family and your ambitions.

Our next step is to take that information away and structure it to give you an insight into where you stand currently. We will identify any gaps between your goals and existing arrangements and compose some good advice on actions you need to take. Our priority will be to reduce risks associated with your income simply, but your savings and investments will be at the core of your plan. When we put the plan together, we’ll meet again, agree what is to be implemented and when we should meet again to review your progress.

We can assume that maintaining an income in retirement is high on your agenda. So pension plans and retirement funds will be part of the mix. So too are tax relief features and investment choices. But, building up that income and balancing the accumulation with funding your current lifestyle is the challenge.

When you’re younger, your main asset is your ability to earn. Your current earnings support your spending. As you age, your ability to earn may improve, or not, but over time your ability to earn will become less important as you focus on investing your assets to grow your capital.

We will take all of this into account, to build a plan with recommendations around what you should do. We are not aligned with any product providers, which means when you need a solution, we will be unbiased in what we recommend.

We can work with you on a fee basis but also understand that sometimes it’s easier to have our remuneration come directly from the arrangements we put in place for you. You get to choose.